Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Small world (but I wouldn't want to paint it)

Tonight my friend Stephanie and I went out to dinner. Ti Couz struck me as a tasty choice, so we went there.

I went in to put my name on the list, and saw a familiar face. It was Saskia, wife of my friend Joe who owns the bike shop, and a friend of hers. We exchanged greetings and introductions, and she said that Joe would be there in a moment with his daughters. They did, and were seated at their table. (These are the owners of the Ugly Bike I want to redecorate.)

Our table was ready a couple of minutes later. Shortly after we were seated, I looked up and spotted a familiar face at the table across from us-- it was Noah, one of my coworkers. And they were sitting right next to Joe and family.

For the remainder of the oh-so-tasty dinner, I kept looking around to see who else might come out of the woodwork unexpectedly.
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