Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Obsessing over a ladder

A few days ago I wrote about a ladder that has been propped against the side of the bay bridge for several weeks. I've been fascinated by this particular item, and I try to get a look at it every time I go by. Since I'm now commuting across the bridge for poker almost every day, I've had several opportunities.

On Monday, I took my digital camera with me and tried to get photos, to no avail.

I tried again today. Luckily, traffic was somewhat slow, and as I approached the ladder, I couldn't believe my eyes-- there was someone on it! No, I'm not kidding.

I pointed the camera in the general direction, held down the shutter button, and hoped for the best.

And it worked-- I got pictures! I've only seen them on the camera's LCD, but I definitely managed to get the ladder and its occupant in a few shots. I was so excited, I was showing everybody at the cardroom. They thought I was nuts, of course.

I also made $500 in about an hour of 15-30. And I flopped quad ducks in a 6-12 game.
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