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Gas price near my office today: $3.69/$3.79/$3.89
Christian sex toys

This afternoon, one of my coworkers wandered over to my cube. "I saw your sweatshirt. Are you a Cardinals fan?"

"Yeah, though not as much as when I lived in St. Louis."

"Want tickets to Monday's game? I have season tickets, but I'll be out of town."

Uhh, ask me a hard question. "Sure! Thanks!"

He handed me four tickets. Good seats, too. SCORE!

I rode the bike to work today. Silly me, I forgot to check the weather. By mid-afternoon, it was pouring! I have rain gear, but rainy season is over, right? Guess not.

Around 7:00 it had finally cleared up, so I gave it half an hour for the clouds to leave Oakland, and then hit the road. It was still wet, but not nearly as bad as if it had still been raining.

As I rode through Oakland, the sun was doing truly amazing things with the clouds-- it was one of the most beautiful skies I'd ever seen, and promised to be a beautiful sunset. I dashed home as quickly as I could, tore off my wet clothes, put dry ones on, grabbed the camera, and headed for Middle Harbor Park so I could shoot the sunset.

DENIED! I missed it by about five minutes. Damn damn damn.

Yesterday I cancelled my AOL account. (God, I hate seeing those last three words together in a sentence.) The only reason I had it in the first place was for compatibility testing while I was working at Tribe; beyond that I have absolutely no use for AOL.

There's no way to cancel online, of course; you have to call them. Or write them a letter or send them a fax. I chose the phone call. After a few annoying automated menus and five minutes on hold, I got to Mr. Cancellation himself. Much to my surprise, he spoke English without a Bangalore accent.

It was his duty to try to talk me out of cancelling the service, and he did his damndest.

"What are you doing for internet connectivity now?"

"I have redundant DSL connections via multiple providers."

"Which ones?"

"None that you've ever heard of-- they're all small, local carriers. I run a small data center out of my home."

"For the same price, I can upgrade your account to a broadband account."

"No thank you; you don't have any services that would be of use to me."

A few minutes later, he'd pushed just hard enough that I had no qualms about lying through my teeth.

"What are you doing for security?"

"I have a commercial-grade firewall and intrusion detection system on my network."

"You do understand that when you have DSL, your computer is on the net 24 hours a day, and is vulnerable to attacks."

"I'm a professional network security engineer; I'm well-acquainted with this area. Besides, I have no Windows boxes on my home network."

"AOL offers the best security in the industry. You wouldn't want your computer to be attacked, would you?"

"Look, I'm a network security consultant. Companies pay me hundreds of dollars an hour to make sure that their computers are secure. I think I can handle my home network just fine, thank you."

The full conversation took ten minutes. All of this to terminate a service I never use.
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