Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Good goo

Ibuprofen gel is a gift from the gods.

I upfuckimated my left thumb this weekend. I don't know how, though it probably had to do with the motorcycle. Or at the very least, the motorcycle aggravated it, since that's my clutch hand. This is the thumb that I injured badly in a car accident about a decade ago-- I took a big chunk off the metacarpophalangeal joint. (That's the second joint of the thumb, where it attaches to the palm of the hand.)

In any case, I did something to it this weekend and it's been really unhappy-- I couldn't carry a bag of groceries with my left hand today, for example.

Enter Ibuprofen gel. Slather it on, rub it in, and voila! The pain is almost completely gone.
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