Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Local dangers

Things that are extremely dangerous: being able to walk to a big bookstore at lunch.

Things that aren't the least bit dangerous: the McDonalds right across the street from the bookstore. There's about zero risk that I'll just decide to drop in for lunch.

It's well-known that I have a taste for rubbernecking horrible music, especially when it's sincere. Today I learned that even I have limits; I found something so horrifying that I just couldn't buy it. Without further ado, I present, Barry Manilow sings Unchained Melody. Amazon even has a video of it! Even if you turn the sound off, you have to watch this just for the comic effect... ole ferretface really gives it his all.

People in the audience have glowsticks. Who on earth would take a glowstick to a Manilow concert?
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