Patti (whipartist) wrote,

An old piece of humor

About ten years ago, the Oregon Citizens Alliance, a right wing religious group, put forth measure 9, their first statewide ballot initiative. This particular gem would declare homosexuality to be "abnormal and perverse", and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff. The wording of the measure was atrocious, and the potential effect of the constitutional amendment would have been far-reaching and severe.

For each election, the state of Oregon publishes a voters pamphlet outlining the candidates and ballot measures. For some nominal amount of money, anybody can contribute an argument in favor or against any ballot measure.

I busted my butt on the "No on 9" campaign, spending hours on the phone, sending out mailings, canvassing neighborhoods, etc. It's by far the most politically active that I've ever been... and this was before I came out, when I still thought I was straight.

I remember opening the voters' pamphlet and reading each and every one of the arguments on 9, both in favor and against. This one, an argument in favor, was the best of all.
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