Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Fire up the WayBack machine

I just mounted an old SCSI drive that I've had laying around-- I've been keeping it because it's the only archive I have of some old files. The most recent modification date on anything in the root directory is July 3, 1995. I could have predicted this date within a week.

My last day of employment at Intel was June 30, 1995. I then put everything I owned into storage and on July 6 I flew from Portland to New York and then to Europe for a summer of backgammon and cavorting about. It was a wonderful summer. When I got back to the US I came to San Francisco and looked for a place to live, flew to Portland to collect my car and sign the closing papers on my condo, came back to SF, went back to Portland to deal with movers, then came to SF and moved into my new house.

The files on this drive include my email archives from Intel. I just found one of the pieces of information I was looking for! I went to my first Burgermunch on May 7, 1992, and to my first playparty two days later.

I can't begin to articulate how happy I am to have this information again.
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