Patti (whipartist) wrote,

A few random notes from New Orleans

Playing Scrabble with a friend on Sunday morning-- I managed to get the phony GE* past him, in order to bingo with MANAGES across a triple word score. Sweet! Later in the game, he got CLIT* past me, so I guess fair is fair.

Sunday morning, sitting in Le Booze on Bourbon Street, drinking mimosas and watching the world go by... what a way to start the day. There's a guy sitting across the bar from us in a purple fur jacket with black and white striped lapels and bell bottom pants-- apparently he's a street performer of sorts, who stands around in this costume (with painted face and a wig) and makes money by having his picture taken with tourists. I see him out working later, and his gig is that he stands very still until a group of tourists walks by. Then he'll say "boo!" to one of the women, and attempt to talk them into a photo.

There's a strip club called Rick's across the street, and a woman standing out front who is absolutely incredible. She's wearing heels, a G-string, and a floor-length negligee that closes with a single tie just below her breasts and is otherwise open to reveal a beautiful, voluptuous body. What does she do? She jiggles! Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce-- she can stand there and jiggle her breasts for several minutes at a time. And she flirts with passers-by, wearing a radiant grin-- she seems to love what she's doing.

And so do most of the people who pass by. Watching her is fun, but watching people react to her is even better.

More notes later.
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