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Weekend in Review

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Friday night, the PLHB and I joined several lovely ladies for dinner, and then saw Rita Moreno in The Glass Menagerie at the Berkeley Rep. The play kicked ass and took names-- the entire cast was brilliant.

Afterward, the PLHB and I headed to the Power Exchange with a couple of our friends. We had a playdate with one of them, and the other tagged along because she'd never been there before and was curious. We arrived about midnight, wandered for a bit, then quickly set up shop. Friend likes to play hard, and we did our very best. I'll leave out the juicy details, but it was 4 a.m. before I made it home, and 5 before I got to sleep.

Saturday I puttered about the house all afternoon, and then my lovely girlfriend T showed up. It was to be her first trip to the Citadel, and she was dressed to the nines... it was all I could do to force myself out of the house rather than devouring her there. We had a lovely dinner of tapas, and then headed to the club. Her apprehension and nervousness quickly faded away, and after a while we made our way downstairs to the dungeon for some searingly hot play. Man oh man!

Sunday morning we lounged about for quite a while, and then eventually made our way out for brunch and the farmers' market. My new addiction is Salmon Candy, a very sweet, intense smoked salmon. She wound up with figs and truffle oil-- a woman after my own heart, I tell you.

After she headed home, I wandered over to Games of Berkeley in search of glow poi. They didn't have them, but I did find some cool light-up squishy balls. I grabbed them, and then headed up to M's house for the evening.

After dinner, we took the cameras, tripods, and squishyballs out to a park and played around with light-painting. Some of the shots turned out prettty cool!

Monday I worked. A lot. It's a company holiday, but I decided to work yesterday so that I could take next Monday off. I'll be in Vegas.

Today I lounged about, met M in Berkeley for a bit because he'd suddenly decided he needed to own poi, shopped wtih him, taught him a little bit about spinning, then came home and spent the day playaing poker and watching live updates as my friend Bill won the $3K limit holdem event at the World Series of Poker.

So bottom line-- I got to play a lot. I got to snuggle up with all of my wonderful sweeties. And I even got time to relax. My life is just unspeakably wonderful right now.
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