Patti (whipartist) wrote,

My bike bit has been flipped

It used to be that the motorcycle was my vehicle of choice. Unless I could think of a good reason to take the car, when I needed a vehicle I grabbed the bike.

About five years ago, between moving to an office where public transit was easier and the infamous Death Valley Fiasco that resulted in a warranty vehicle replacement, I mostly stopped riding. And then I completely stopped riding for a couple of years-- my bikes sat neglected in the garage.

Last year I got them running, and I've been riding some, but the car was still the vehicle of choice.

As I got home tonight I realized that I've ridden over 200 miles since Thursday morning when I filled the tank, and my car hasn't moved in over a week.

Yay bike! Tonight I even traded bikes with the PLHB for a bit and let him ride Booh while I puttered around on his Bandit. He's in love.
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