Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Rant: portion sizes

Today I went to Quiznos for lunch. I ordered the prime rib sandwich, regular size. When I got back to the office and unwrapped the sandwich, it was significantly larger than what I would consider a reasonable lunch. I ate most of this horsecock-sized concoction, but was so stuffed at the end that I wound up tossing the last couple inches of it in the trash.

So I got curious about what I'd just stuffed into my mouth, and went out to the Quiznos website in search of nutrition information. Surprise! There was none to be had, though I did contact them to see if they would send it to me. However, a bit of googling showed that the Australian Quiznos site had nutrition information available. I'll pretend that the Aussie Bourbon Beef sandwich is the same one I had, since it's likely to be quite comparable.

Converting kilojoules to calories shows me that a regular sandwich has 952 calories when served on white bread. A small is 531, and a large is a whopping 1417 calories!

The very nice cashier offered me the opportunity to make this a combo (chips and a soft drink) for a nominal fee, or to add double meat for only two dollars more. I declined both.

So let's figure this out... Joe Average goes in and orders a regular sandwich, and makes it a combo. That's 950 plus about, oh, 400 calories, or 1350 calories. Since the recommended daily caloric intake for an adult male is around 2500 calories, he's just spent over half his budget on lunch.

But! Tom Texan swaggers in, orders the large, extra meat, and makes it a combo. That's about, oh, call it 1400 + 400 + 200 for the shebang. He's just wolfed down 80% of his recommended daily caloric intake on this one meal. And nevermind the cookie that he probably added to the mix.

The worst thing is that he's probably conditioned to think that this is a perfectly normal meal.

Is it any wonder that Americans are getting heavier and heavier? We keep eating ludicrous amounts of food and thinking that it's perfectly normal to do so.

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