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Smatterings of this and that

Some total rank beginner is practicing bass within earshot of my loft, and he's been doing it for at least an hour. It sounds like he's made his way to the third page of You Can Play Bass! Volume One, and it's pretty painful. He's playing quarter notes only, and the same thing over and over. Four bars.


That last bar was pretty tough for him-- it took him about fifteen minutes to get it right.

I discovered recently that one of my bike-shop buddies didn't know what Chicago style pizza is. I had to go to the doctor's office Friday early afternoon. On my way over, I swung by Patxi's, picked up a pizza, and dropped it off at the shop. Oh, and had a piece, of course. The guys were absolutely delighted.

I've been driving 101 between San Rafael and Cotati a lot over the past few months. Today I realized that there's only one fast food restaurant visible from the highway across the whole 30-mile stretch, and it took me several weeks of driving it before I realized that one was there. I love it!

There's a really awesome grocery store called Oliver's near Mark's house. Yesterday I was in there to pick up a couple of things for dinner, and I found a cheese I'd never heard of before-- burrata. It comes in a ball about the size of my fist, or a little smaller. The inside is a creamy combination of fresh mozzarella and sweet dream, and it's encased in mozzarella curds.

I found it utterly delightful-- sweet, tangy, creamy, and altogether interesting. It was fairly expensive, though-- $12.99 for a single ball.

I bought some bike parts on Ebay last week, and the seller was in San Francisco so I arranged to pick them up and save shipping. He had a garage full of vintage motorcycles, all in really awesome condition. I could have spent the whole night in there puttering around and looking at the beautiful bikes.

A few months ago, my body started getting cranky about eating fatty foods. My doctor's declaration was, "OK, if it bothers you, don't eat it." It seemed like good advice to me, so for the past couple of months I've been paying attention to what I eat and cutting way back on the rich, fatty stuff. (Yes, pizza and weird cheese are both somewhat fatty, but I've eaten both in moderation. And they're treats, rather than dietary staples.) I've also started paying attention to portion sizes, as my earlier rant will attest to.

The more I do this, the more appalled I become by what we put into our bodies, and what the food industry pushes on us.

Things I'm learning: Order the smallest size-- it's plenty. No, I don't want extra meat on that. No, I don't want cheese. Drenching it in an oil-based sauce doesn't make it better. I feel better when I don't eat all that crap. My waistline likes it when i don't eat all that crap.
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