Patti (whipartist) wrote,


On Thursday afternoon, I made a hotel reservation through some discount hotel reseller.

Thursday evening they called and left me voicemail that the reservation wasn't available.

Friday morning I booked a reservation directly through the hotel, then called the discounter and told them to please cancel rather than looking for another property.

This afternoon they call me and tell me that they can get a room after all, and do I want it? I call them back and tell them that I already cancelled, and no, I'm not interested.

"So you would like a refund?"

"Yes, please."

"OK, we will process your refund today, minus a processing fee."

Umm, what? I ordered something. You were unable to fulfill it. At that point, I cancelled the transaction. You do NOT get to charge me a fee for something you couldn't sell me. Comma, you fucktards.

Of course, I was more polite. "There shouldn't be a processing fee, since I cancelled the transaction after you were unable to provide the room."

"One moment please." About thirty seconds pass. "OK, you will receive a full refund."

I got the right answer out of them, but I'm shocked that they even tried that stunt. No more for me.
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