Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Diagnose this computer problem

This is on my desktop PC. Symptoms:

- Sometimes the (PS2) mouse and keyboard just stop working
- When they do, the PC speaker beeps repeatedly
- Unplugging the keyboard and mouse does nothing to stop the beeping
- During this time, the computer functions normally, except that I have no inputs
- The beeping will usually stop on its own, but...
- Every now and then, the computer shuts down during the beeping
- Mostly this happens when I'm using the computer, but I've heard it at least once when I was in bed

- Every now and then, my mouse just weirds out and does something that looks like hitting the start menu button very rapidly, but I still have control and can get it to stop

Possibly related:

- FireFox is behaving strangely in relation to keyboard controls. I can't page down, page up like I usually do. In particular, there's usually a cursor on the page somewhere even when I don't expect there to be.
- Sometimes when I'm typing something (not necessarily something online-- typing a URL, input into this text box) the typing lags by a couple of seconds.

What I know and have tried:

- The CPU is idle, and there's a ton of memory
- I've swapped the touchpad for a different one, no change
- I've swapped the keyboard for a different one, but thus far it's too early to tell
- I have a vague sense that this happened more often when I was manipulating a lot of pictures, but that's anecdotal and it happens often enough even when PhotoShop isn't open.
- I've tested memory extensively and not found any problems.
- I don't do anything weird like overclocking the machine.

My gut says that something is sending frequent bursts of input to the keyboard/mouse controller... either one of the input devices, or the controller itself is whacked.

Swapping the keyboard didn't make the weird maybe-related Firefox thing change, but it's too early to tell if it stopped the weird beeping and locking up.

I'm getting very close to replacing the motherboard (Asus P4C800E-Deluxe), but first we'll see if the keyboard change has an impact.

Any other thoughts?
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