Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Efficiency Committee?

I'm sitting in a chain sandwich shop waiting for my lunch to come off the assembly line. The cashier has no customers at the moment, so she's over at the sandwich counter taking fresh plastic bags, opening them, and stacking the bags so that they're squashed open. I assume this makes it two seconds faster for the sandwich wrapper-upper to put the wrapped-up sandwich in a bag. This doesn't make a lot of sense, though, because the oven that feeds sandwiches to the wrapper-upper is fairly slow, so there's a lot of waiting. Two seconds of opening a bag won't change the system's throughput.

Can you imagine being in the endless committee meetings where this was decided? The Process Pipelining Efficiency Committee was probably a nightmare.

First everybody throws out their favorite half-assed idea. Then they argue about them After a while, they decide to do a study on current practices and timings. While that's being done, they wordsmith a mission statement until it screams for mercy.

When that's done, they analyze the study for weeks. It actually looks pretty good already, and nothing needs to be changed.

"But if we don't do anything, we will have wasted all this time!"

As a result, the cashier now opens bags and the produce-chopper puts out the CLOSED sign every night.

You don't have to try very hard to imagine this, do you?
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