Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Random notes from the day

Last night I cut over to the new hardware (and new OS). I was up until 4 a.m. tweaking things and arguing with a network routing problem that turned out to be at an upstream.

Played the Shooting Stars $330+300 limit holdem tourney today... finished about 40th of 140 after my KK went down to TT turning a set. This was the second time in the tournament I'd lost to an underpair who filled on the turn.

Also got KK, QQ, JJ, AK (twice) before the first break, and lost them all. Blah.

My laptop fried itself. I found the perfect replacement at Fry's, then discovered Circuit City had it for $200 less. I hate CC, so I decided to take advantage of Fry's pricematching policy.

They called and verified it was in stock. However, the price was $100 less, and CC had a $100 mail-in rebate on all laptops. So Fry's couldn't just give me $200 off.... no, that would be too simple. They decided they had to give me $100 off, then issue me a $100 store credit. This all took about half an hour to figure out.

I rolled my eyes and agreed, so the clerk accompanied me through the checkout line, wherein we learned that the new company policy was that when they were pricematching a rebate, Fry's would send me a check. They no longer did store credits. By this time, I'd convinced myself I wanted a store credit, but it took them another 20 minutes to figure out how to pull this off. I guess I made $8.75 on the deal, since the rebate wouldn't have included tax.

Of course, by the time all this got sorted out, it was late enough that I got stuck in rush hour traffic. I hate hate hate 880.

Saw Somerset Maugham's _The Constant Wife_ at ACT tonight... it's brililant!

And now that I'm home, I managed to solve my network routing weirdness in only two commands.
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