Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Preview of coming attractions

(wherein I shall write boring narraative before getting to the photos)

Flew to Vegas this afternoon. Grabbed a car-- asked for something with a trunk, and wound up with an SUV. It's a smaller one, though, and given where I've been today it waas probably an OK thing. Checked into the hotel, and used my magical green powers of persuasion to get a high-floor room with a strip view. Scouting, doncha know.

From there, I made a quick stop for bubble tea, then started driving west into the hills. I wandered until I wound up running out of road, and found myself in an under-construction subdivision. However, I found a potentially interesting place to shoot from, so I whipped out the camera and tripod and did a daytime prototype. Dropped a waypoint into the GPS, and then went wandering.

My second stop turned out to be not so promising. The third one had me raising my fists in celebration and yelling, "Yes! Yes! I found it!" More daytime prototypes, another GPS waypoint, and I headed for Henderson so I could meet hubbysan and his ex-girlfriend for sushi. I had time to kill so I wandered around Henderson a bit and found a potentially interesting view, though it would have taken me a monstrously long lens to get a decent shot from there.

Dinner started with a Screaming Orgasm, and then meandered through the rest of the menu. Good sushi. Good. Afterward, I meandered my way down out of the hills hoping to find another perspective on the strip. Almost found one, but there was one particularly obnoxious power line in the way, and that completely killed my shot. I wandered off to a couple of the places I'd marked earlier, did several exposures of each, and then headed for the Stratosphere. I was in line to buy a ticket when I saw the sign that said Absolutely No Photographic Tripods. Bah! Oh well. It was late, so I wandered back to my hotel by way of the Rio parking garaage.

I've been mucking about in photoshop since I got back, and I have a couple of prototypes. I need to go reshoot the first one as I'm quite not-happy with the exposure, but I think I like the vantagepoint a lot. Consider both of these shots as merely sketches... the first one in particular has so many technical problems that I want to floss my eyes after looking at it.


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