Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Preview #2

I'm happier, but I want to come back and do this with better glass.

Yesterday I found this particular vantagepoint up in Henderson, but my longest lens didn't have enough reach to do it justice. This afternoon I went off to Ritz Camera (blah, but the only shop open Sundays) in search of a lens cap to replace the one that somehow disappeared yesterday. While I was there, I asked one of the clerks, henceforth known as StupidGuy, if they had a teleconverter for Canon. "Uhh, I don't think so. What is it?" I explained, and he poked around a bit, then went over and asked the other cler (we'll call him CluedGuy) if they had any. CluedGuy said that if they did, they'd be in cabinet X.

StupidGuy then went over and looked in cabinet Y, which was in the general area of cabinet X, but contained no teleconverters. I was about to go back there myself and look when CluedGuy came over, opened a door, and pulled one out. I stuck it on the camera to make sure it would work with the lens I wanted to use it with-- it did, but I lost autofocus at all but the shortest focal length. No problem. At $80, it was way cheaper than the $1400 lens I've been coveting. Of course, it's not nearly as nice, but it might work for my shots and it's less than 10% of what I won playing video poker. Done.

I went by my spot from last night, and then headed up to Henderson to see what I could do. This is the first half-assed stab I've taken at pulling shots together, but it falls short of completely sucking. I think that next time I'm headed to Vegas I'll rent the spendy lens for the weekend and do this one right.

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