Patti (whipartist) wrote,

TSA gifts?

On the trip to Vegas, I wound up packing both my laptop and a carbon fiber tripod in my checked baggage-- I couldn't manage to carry both the camera and the laptop on the plane, and I opted to carry the camera. In any case, I knew with utmost certainty that the nice people at the TSA would be opening my luggage and checking to see what was in it. And they did, both directions.

I have no problem with this, honestly, and I don't particularly distrust them. However, I would have liked to find some way to encourage them to be a little extra-gentle. I almost left a note that said, "Dear TSA agent: I'm sure this bag will look suspicious on the X-rays, and that you'll be hand-inspecting it. Here's an inventory of the major items you'll find in here: laptop, charger, tripod..."

I was also trying to figure out mostly not-seriously if I could find some way to leave them a small gift, sort of along the line of cookies and milk for Santa Claus, but then I couldn't figure out anything that would work. Clearly food is out-- nobody would be dumb enough to accept even pre-wrapped food. It would have to be something very small, clearly safe, and with broad appeal, really just a trinket that might make the inspector smile. It's almost certainly against TSA policy for them to accept something like this, so the whole thing is just an intellectual exercise, but I like those.

If you were going to leave a TSA inspector a present in your luggage, what would it be? A $5 Starbucks gift card would work ("Here, have a cup of coffee on me"), but it's too much. Some sort of funny cartoon? A note that says, "Name your favorite charity and I'll send them $10?"
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