Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Notes to self on shooting night panoramas

Warm clothes. Small flashlight. Gloves might be good.

Level the tripod first, then level the camera separately. If you don't get this right, you're going to hate yourself.

ISO 100, stupid. Noise is bad.

Shoot raw.

Use the longest telephoto that you can reasonably use. It'll mean more shots to produce the final image, but the final resolution will be higher. You can never have too many pixels.

Start at f/11, and use the camera's spot-metering mode on an interesting part of the scene to estimate the exposure. Start one stop below that, and then bracket around that setting.

Overlap more than you think you need to, or you'll have to manually assemble images.

Autofocus once on something in the center of the image, then switch to manual focus and don't change it.

Make sure you turn image stabilization off.

Is the tripod level? Is the camera level? No, really, I mean it. Check again.

If it's windy, either take the strap off the camera or tie it in a knot.

Use the IR shutter release, so you don't shake the camera.

Take a few wide shots of the whole scene. This will be useful if you have to manually assemble images.

Better to shoot too much than to have to go back.

Three clicks of the wheel is one full stop (on my camera.)

Level the bloody tripod first, then level the camera separately.
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