Patti (whipartist) wrote,

More Twin Peaks Shooting

It was an absolutely beautiful night on top of Twin Peaks-- perfectly clear, not too windy, and just stunningly beautiful. I managed to get two reasonable panoramas out of my shooting spree tonight. As usual, they're reduced in size because Flickr can't handle the full size (the big one is 20K pixels wide). This time, though, I cut a full-resolution patch out of the center of each, so that you could see what it looks like.


That's the smaller one. Here's the center swatch from that one. Warning, it's 2709x2195.


That's the bigger one. Here's the center swatch from it. This one is even bigger-- 4137x2990. I think I overdid the brightness on that one, though.

Oh, yes. Two of the lightbulbs on the bay bridge are burned out right now, and they're glaringly obvious in the originals. A little bit of minor Photoshop surgery took care of that, and it was a helluva lot easier than walking the suspension cables.
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