Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Some thoughts on religion

I wound up in a fairly long discussion of religion and beliefs tonight. This is paraphrased slightly from something I said:
I think the Deists are probably the closest to the mark.

I don't honestly believe that there is any sort of god, creator, or supreme being, or an afterlife. However, I think that if I'm wrong, then said creator is more likely to judge us by whether we're good to each other than by whether we've picked the right clubhouse to go to on Sundays.

Also, we were discussing beliefs and respect for them, and I came up with this analogy.
OK, so your god either exists or he doesn't. We can't prove it either way right now, but objectively one of those statements is going to be true.

So think of the existence of god as being a coin that's in a wooden box. When we die, we get to open the box and see whether the coin is heads or tails, but not before then. We have no other way of finding out about the coin, so we make guesses based on the best evidence we can find. You are absolutely convined that the coin is heads. I am absolutely convinced that the coin is tails.

Clearly, we can't both be right-- our beliefs are mutually exclusive. I respect your right to believe the coin is heads, just as I expect you to respect my right to believe that the coin is tails. However, I have a hard time respecting the belief itself, because I just fundamentally think that you've guessed wrong.

And then this, which didn't go over too well:
Once you come to believe that there is no creator, then all potential-creators that people believe in are equally unlikely to you. God, Allah, Brahman, or intelligent monkeys who live on the moon-- to me they're interchangable, and all equally likely to exist.

However, I must say that the moon monkeys picked the wrong press agents.
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