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Tonight's photography expedition

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I worked my butt off all day today, got the release as in-the-can as I possibly could, and then signed the exit papers. As I walked out the door and barely resisted clicking my heels, I realized how truly unhappy I'd been there. It played right to all my weaknesses and none of my strengths, and didn't really let me use more than the smallest bits of technical skill. Anyway, I'm officially unemployed.

Right now my promise to myself is that I will play at least thirty hours per week of poker, as well as going shooting in a serious way at least three times per week. I even went so far as to rent a serious long-range telephoto lens (pretty cheap, given that it's a $1500 lens) for a few weeks; it should be here before I go to St. Louis.

Tonight's expedition was to the Alameda Naval Air Station to shoot container ships at the Port of Oakland. It's hard to find a good vantagepoint over there, since everything is fenced off. The runways are the best vantagepoint, but they're completely inaccessible. I finally found a shot that I liked, but there was a six-foot chain link fence in the way.

No problem! I made a quick run to Home Depot and picked up three five-gallon buckets and a step stool, then dashed back to Alameda and set up. The buckets got turned upside-down and used as tripod leg extensions, and the step stool was a Patti leg extender.

This photo isn't bad, though the small size doesn't do it justice. A larger version is here. I think I could get a decent print of it as much as four feet wide.

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