Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Home sweet home

Aaaaaahhhh, home. I'm curled up in my own toasty warm bed, with my very own snuggly cat purring and licking my elbow. He read me the bloody riot act for the first five minutes I was home-- MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!-- but he seems to have gotten over it.

After essentially nothing for over four days, I finally got internet access at the Denver airport on my way home. I also had a couple hours of layover, so this worked out nicely. I went over 96 hours without playing poker, and more than that if you don't count my -$20 sleep-deprived-and-catatonic performance in a homegame tournament Thursday night after dinner.

I polished off an awesome book on the flight home-- "Whoops! I'm In Business". It's a Nolo Press book aimed at people who are starting a business, and in particular those who are trying to turn a hobby into a profit center. I skipped whole chapters that weren't relevant to my situation, but the ones I did read were uniformly excellent.

I have a ton of work to do this week, including getting a lot of images to print so I can get them up for sale. I think I'll have three or four new ones from the St. Louis trip, including the ripples one I posted earlier today.

I found a nature photography store in the Denver airport-- I've forgotten the photographer's name, but his work is excellent if often cliched. Many of his prints were available as panoramas of various sizes (up to 90 inches, I think) so I got to check out both pricing and quality. One of the things I've been a bit paranoid about is having visible grain in photos as they're blown up, but every single large photo I've seen has nontrivial grain. You don't see it unless you get up close and look at it, but it's definitely there.

My next trip is Vegas. Since I'm driving, my schedule is somewhat flexible, but I'll most likely leave on Sunday and stay for just a few days.

I still can't believe my mother wanted to see Shortbus, or that I went with her.
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