Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Tonight's flowery goodness


My dinner date cancelled this afternoon, so I stopped on my way home from poker and picked up a bunch of flowers. Actually, that makes it sound so simple. What actually happened was that I inspected every single bouquet of flowers in Albertsons, repeatedly, until I found exactly the one I wanted. It took me about twenty minutes, since I first had to decide exactly which flowers I wanted, and after that I had to decide which of the bouquets with those flowers had the best close-up bits. It was a bit ridiculous.

I'm not sure I have a single favorite from among these-- they all appeal to me in very different ways. The one on the left wants me to come closer so it can tell me a secret. The second one is technically fascinating, because the itty bitty parts are so clearly focused. The third one is sticking out its tongue in a very suggestive manner. The last one wants me to dive in and swim in its depths.
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