Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Being a Hiring Manager

So I manage a data center for a company in the ruins of multimedia gulch. Due to one of my sysadmins up and moving to Italy, I have an opening for a senior geek.

Job title: "Senior Unix and NT System Administrator". That seems pretty clear, right? We posted it to Monster, along with some pretty clear descriptive text about strong Unix and NT skills being a requirement. I need somebody who knows Unix and NT... no ambiguity there, right?

I got lots of resumes-- no surprise there, since the job market is a vast wasteland right now. I'm not really surprised that I got over 200 resumes. What I am surprised about is how utterly wrong for the job most of the hopefuls were. In no particular order:

  • A former VP of operations
  • Two recent grads with no experience at all
  • People who had 1-2 years of basic NT desktop support, and no Unix background at all
  • Web developers
  • Java programmers
  • Somebody with 20 years of mainframe experience, and no Unix or NT listed
  • Someone whose resume was entirely in French, and who was looking for a company with over 1000 employees
  • Several people with two years of tech support and no other industry experience

Jayzus F. Keerist. I know people are desperate, but why waste time on a job you're totally unqualified for? I have 200 resumes in front of me-- I'm not going to suddenly pick some schmoe from Texas who has never had a root password in his life and put him in charge of millions of dollars of equipment. What are these people thinking?

Of the 90+ resumes I read today, five got flagged for a second look-- and that only because I was pretty liberal at first.
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