Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I am a studly handyman

A few months ago my convertible top stopped going all the way down. After one wrong guess I eventually figured out what was wrong, and found a kit on Ebay that would let me replace the bent parts, plus had an improved support mechanism to keep it from happening again. I guess this is a common failure on Elipses.

Taking a drill to your convertible top is scary-- I kept reminding myself that if I screwed this up, it was going to be a four-figure repair. I managed not to, though, and now the top works perfectly.

Plus, I got to use my cordless drill and my cordless dremel tool. I love power tools! If it wasn't so cold, I'd put the top down right now and go for a drive. I might anyway.

Edit: I did. It was bloody freezing, but wonderful nonetheless. My destination was a hot tub, though, so it made the hot water extra wonderful.
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