Patti (whipartist) wrote,

What do you do?

As you do every day, you head out of the garage near the office and turn onto a city side-street to head home. As soon as you turn, a couple stands in the middle of the street and tells you that it's a one-way street and that you have to turn around.

There are no signs visible indicating that it's a one-way street-- you can see as far as the corner in front of you, but not to the corner behind you. A lot of people make this turn when they come out of the garage. The street is not much more than an alley, is very lightly-traveled, and has parking on one side with no-parking signs (with faces both direction) on the other. It feels like it probably should be a one-way street, but you're fairly certain it's not marked as such (and certainly isn't marked in any way that's visible to you.)

What do you do?

Edit: They were blocking the street so I couldn't go around, and I had every reason to believe that they were 100% sincere in just not wanting people to drive that way down the street. I had no sense at all that they had an ulterior motive of any sort.
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