Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I am a machine

I am a highly efficient machine. Tonight I converted six medium to large size boxes of crap to two relatively small ones plus a small pile of stuff to be sorted out and put away, plus a stack of empty boxes and a bag and a half of garbage. I threw out stuff like the closing documents from the condo I bought in 1992. (I paid a whopping $62,500... it cost me about $3500 to close on it. I remember this panicky feeling as I was signing the closing paperwork, because I felt like there was no way I could afford it.)

I did all this purging in the space of about an hour. That included a ten-minute break when my phone rang and it was actually someone I wanted to talk to.

The word for the day is "merciless", though I'm making exceptions. When my mother moved a while back, she shipped me a few boxes of stuff that she thought I might want to keep-- memorabilia from school and the like. Rather than sorting through it, I just stuffed it all in a pile called "stuff from mom" and set it aside. I've had very few, "Oh, so that's where that went!" moments, but I did find several pairs of scissors stashed away. I tend to buy scissors, use them, lose them, buy more, and then find them all right after I replace them. I bought scissors about two weeks ago. QED. Nail clippers are about ten times worse.

I hate crap, I really do. I just truly and profoundly suck at not having it.

Edit: When I'm on a roll, just get out of my fuckin' way. I just plowed through one more big box of stuff, which I believe is the last one I have left in the storage room to deal with. There are a couple of little boxes of books and the like, but none of the big scary "what if a monster evolved in there?" ones.
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