Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Things that aren't supposed to happen

I arrived at the Daly City DMV at 12:25 this afternoon, and stood in about a ten-person line to take a number. C92.

The place was swarming with people, but I eventually found an empty chair and sat down, deposited my license plates on the floor under the chair, and grabbed my book. As I was about to open it I heard a voice saying, "Now serving C87 at window 14." Huh? Surely they must mean C14 at window 87.

But no... within the next minute, C88, C89, and C90 were called. I managed to read all of three pages before hearing C92.

I quickly got my new personalized plates, and got through inventory to get tags for them. I was back in the parking lot before 12:40.

It's astounding. I went to the DMV today, did what I needed to, and it only took fifteen minutes!
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