Patti (whipartist) wrote,

The books I can't throw out

In last night's poll, I asked people to guess at which four authors I couldn't possibly throw out.

Isaac Asimov was the #1 choice. Asimov is the one author on the list that I didn't own tons of, though I did have about three. The only one I kept was Asimov's Guide to the Bible. As it turns out, I just don't like science fiction very much. At the same time, I'm not surprised that people chose him, even though his stuff has no real appeal for me.

Only dmorr and and abostick59 picked Nicholson Baker, but he was one of the keepers. His stuff is just so weird and twisted that I really enjoy it. How can you not enjoy an entire novel that's constructed out of a phone sex line dialogue between two strangers?

Though I don't much like science fiction, Arthur C Clarke is in the don't-throw-out pile. I can't really explain why, but he is. So is Heinlein, though I didn't put him in the poll. I enjoy his social constructs, though he otherwise writes like a caricature of a science fiction author.

The other two are Carrie Fisher, who did fairly well, and John Irving, who was your number two choice as of this writing. I can't really explain why I like them so much, except that they tend to write stories that are a bit weird and wacky in ways that I enjoy. I guess my recurring theme is twisted.

Marian Keyes is a fun read for chick lit, but I don't feel any need to hold on. God only knows why I had a lot of Judith Krantz, but I did. Past tense. Jay McInerney caught my attention for a while, as did Anne Tyler. Milan Kundera is a writer that I really feel like I should enjoy, but his stuff has this weird spacey feeling that I have a hard time with.

whitebird managed three out of four. So did ronebofh, but he chose five rather than four. luckylefty batted a thousand with his three picks.

I guess my taste in literature is bizarre. Shocking.
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