Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Do I have a blog?

Someone actually asked me today if I had a blog. I laughed, then started counting on my fingers. As it turns out, I have three that are in active use and a couple that get written to rarely or never.

The main one is this one right here... my LJ. It's been around since mid-2002, and it's where most of my writing goes.

The second one is my Vox blog. I started this one when I was interviewing at Six Apart, and I post mostly-impersonal stuff to it from time to time. It's syndicated on LJ as pattisvoxblog, and you can subscibe to it by clicking this link.

The third one is my blog, and it contains kinky stuff. I generally toss a few entries a month in there these days, most of them anecdotes about things I've done. It's syndicated as whipartisttales, and you can subscribe to it here.

My Tribe blog gets almost nothing of interest, but it's pattistribeblog.

Stalk me to your hearts' content.
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