Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Poker Lessons Given Here

Reno Hilton
$230 Limit Holdem, 6/6/03
111 Entrants, 22,200 prize pool

#1 Patti Beadles $8670 Oakland, CA
#2 Tony Katsulos $4615 Plano, TX
#3 Terry Houg $2740 Verdi, NV

It was one of the easiest final tables I've ever played. Not the softest, because only one of the players was very weak, but people didn't fight back much. I came to the table with the chip lead, maintained it almost for the entire time, and mostly just managed to pummel everyone constantly.

Before the tournament, I went for a walk and had a talk with myself about a leak in my game... I've been going passive too easily, especially when playing limit. I back off before I should, and let people catch cards they shouldn't ever catch, or take down pots that I could steal.

Today I didn't do much of that. In fact, I stole one huge pot with JT on a board of Q933A by three-betting the flop, betting the turn, and betting the river. My opponent thought for a very long time before releasing his hand on the end; I'm sure I was behind.

After the tournament I took several friends to Johnny Rockets for burgers and ice cream. Mmmmmm.
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