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On Vox: BattleCry

While I was eating breakfast this morning, I came across this article about BattleCry in the Contra Costa Times. If you aren't aware, BattleCry is basically a militant Christan rally for teenagers.  It was held in San Francisco this weekend.

I'll admit that I have no love for Christianity or any other organized religion, and I'm not the least bit surprised that the city welcomed the group with something less than open arms.  I'm highly amused by the very slanted writing in this article-- read it and try to pick out the extremism.  I love this paragraph:

Christian teenagers are the true victims, say BattleCry officials. "A stealth enemy has infiltrated our country and is preying upon the hearts and minds of 33 million American teens," says BattleCry's Web site, which blames corporations and popular culture for spending billions to "seduce and enslave our youth."

This one made me feel like the writer was marching me right up to the edge of an opinion and then giving me a shove.  "It's OK for religions to spend billions to seduce and enslave our youth, but not corporations."  Maybe it's just that said thought comes naturally to me, but it felt like the writer was really steering me in that direction.  I also like this one:

Christians are finally speaking up, which may be making people anxious, said David Hasz, director of Teen Mania's Honor Academy, which offers training in leadership and character building. "For too long, the church has sat with their mouths duct-taped, in the closet. We've allowed Christianity to become a private, personal value. We don't believe it's private. We believe it's a worldview."

And this one just made me want to strangle the speaker.  Yes, Christianity should fucking well be a private personal value.  Yes, it can be a worldview, but it's your worldview, and I do wish you'd keep it to yourself.  I'll ask you about it if I want to know more, and until such time as I decide to share your world view (or wild monkeys fly out of my ass, and it's neck-and-neck on which will happen first), I do not want your values forced on me or on society.

This part is great too:

Organizers also riled up their followers before the event. After neighbors complained last year about rock music blared at 8 a.m. on a Saturday, the city said nothing can be amplified until 10 a.m. this year.

BattleCry then circulated an e-mail encouraging people to criticize the city for "unfairly singling out and menacing the peaceful gathering of Christian youth and parents."

Bob Davis, executive director of the city commission that oversees the noise permits, said he was baffled by the letter. Other groups, including the Rolling Stones, have had to accommodate neighbors, he said.

Luce said discrimination was the only reason he could fathom for the change.

How about courtesy?  Common sense?  If you're waking up the neighborhood then you're out of line and you need to keep quiet.  Really, there's just no need for amplified music before 10 a.m. if anyone lives within reasonable earshot.  It's not discrimination, it's preserving the peace.  Comma, you short-sighted self-centered inconsiderate nimrod.

OK, maybe the author of the news story was leading me to the edge, but I jumped of my own free well.  I honestly think that indoctrinating children into this sort of culture is about the worst thing you can do to them.  If I was king, I'd outlaw it.

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