Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Vegetarian for a month

I've been giving serious thought to declaring myself to be a vegetarian for the month of April. I probably won't, but it's an interesting possibility.

Why? I've been eating badly, and I've been feeling the effects. Today I was running errands around lunch time and I hadn't eaten all day. There was a Quiznos right next to one of the stores I was at, so I grabbed a prime rib and peppercorn sandwich. I forgot that their regular size is huge, so that's what I got. That's a shit ton of meat. My stomach Did Not Like Me later in the day.

If I spend a month eating vegetarian, it will force me to pay more attention to what I eat. I can't imagine being a vegetarian permanently, or even for a long time, but a month might well be an interesting exercise.

Or maybe I should just pay attention to portion sizes. Hmm. I have several hours to decide.

I did go back to the workout routine today, after a several-month abandonment. I predict that I will be S-O-R-E in the morning. Go me!
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