Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Help me design a bondage frame

I have a soft-side waterbed, and last night after a bit of frolicking we discovered that the bed had sprung a leak. Oops! Oh well. Since I have to drain the bed, I'll have a chance to build in attachment points.

The thing is, it's a weird configuration. You see, I live in a loft, and rather than a bed I have an elevated platform that the mattress sits on. Here's a picture of the basic setup:

though that's from before I bought the place. I have the mattress a little to the left so it's up against both walls.

My goal is to have anchor points all around the bed, but there are a few constraints:

- I don't want to drill into the walls or floor.
- I can't raise the height more than about an inch.
- I need to be able to roll off side or foot of the mattress without landing on something and hurting myself.

My current thinking is to get a piece of plywood the same size as the bed, drill holes around the edge, and then put it under the mattress, but I need something that I can put through the holes to attach to. Rope loops would be easy, but maybe not the best. If they made D-ring shaped quick links that would be perfect, but I've never seen them.

I'm also contemplating using something like this:

Any suggestions?
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