Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Sneaky project update

He hasn't said anything to me about the fake friends-locked entry, so he almost certainly knows it's a decoy and he's playing along.

Nonetheless, I made a hood out of the bitch fabric today, and I'll use that as a distraction as we start to play. It's a simple design-- a very rough approximation is this, but in cloth rather than leather, a zipper down the back instead of laces, and no collar at the bottom. I'll post pictures later. It turned out surprisingly good, given that I did it by just putting it on and approximating a design with pins, then iterating until I got it right.

I also made the real sleepsack tonight, and it turned out reasonably good. It's two layers of spandex, and is a little smaller (and therefore tighter) than the prototype. It also has a zipper from the top of one shoulder down the side to halfway down the thigh, and it has a convenient front access zipper for wabbly bits. If you don't care how ugly your seams are, spandex is really easy to work with-- most things don't need to be anywhere near precise. But man do I have some fugly seams.

I'm going to put in nipple zippers as well, but not tonight. I can live without them for the weekend.

This all sounds way more impressive than it is. I'm a pretty crappy seamstress, and I only pulled this off because I don't care about aesthetics too much, and because it's really just a bunch of straight seams with a couple of trivial zippers thrown in for good measure.

I think I'll throw together a bitch toybag (estimate: 15 minutes) and then crash for the night.

Edit: I misunderestimated. It took me more like half an hour, but I know have a big honkin' toybag that says bitch all over it-- it's much like a giant messenger bag, a big square with a strap and a zipper across the top.
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