Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Ameritrade has a data security leak

For years, I had an IRA with, a small broker in Portland. I loved them, but a few years ago they sold out to Ameritrade. OK, I guess I have an Ameritrade account.

I always give out tagged email addresses for every site I use-- Amazon might be, Ameritrade could be, etc. I can always tell whether mail is legitimate or not, and if I start getting spam at an email address I know precisely what site it came from.

A few months ago, I started getting spam at my Ameritrade email address-- sleazy pump & dump stuff, viagra, etc., clearly not sent by Ameritrade themselves. I notified Ameritrade and asked for an explanation, communicated with them for a bit, and changed my email address on the site to

I'm sure you can see what's coming. This week, started getting pump & dump spam.

It's clear to me that there's a security issue at Ameritrade-- they've been hacked, an employee is selling email addresses, something. I don't know what, but it's clear that their data is leaking. I don't know if it's anything beyond email addresses or not, but I don't care.

Anyone have recommendations for a broker to move my IRA to?
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