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As I was driving over the San Mateo bridge to my interview today (starts in an hour), I was listening to Talk of the Nation on NPR. The subject was Canada's sanctioning of gay marriages. As I listened to the discussion, I had an overwhelming urge to get the fuck out of this country and go someplace better.

Toronto and Vancouver instantly sprang to mind, of course, as I was listening to descriptions of how multicultural, liberal, and progressive they are. London was my next thought... I love it there, they have good poker and good theater, and I speak something resembling the native language. Plus, I hear that they may be the next country to legalize gay marraige. If it wasn't for Spanner...

Amsterdam and either Sydney or Melbourne would also be candidates, but I don't think any of them would really work for me-- Australia is just too far away from the places I like to be, and as for Amsterdam, I don't think I'd enjoy living in a place where I didn't speak the native language.

America is severely fucked up, and I see it as getting worse rather than better. The religious institutions have a stranglehold on American politics, and Shrub certainly isn't makng it better. I no longer want to live in a place where 50% of the households go to church every week, and 50% of the households own guns. That's just fucked up.

Speaking of, what's up with religious groups anyway? I just don't understand... I can certainly imagine a group believing that homosexuality is immoral, that there's some mythical omnipotent being that lives up in the sky and governs our lives, or that the moon is made of green cheese... what I just don't understand is why they believe that their beliefs should control other peoples' lives. Why should I have to live by the tenets of their religion rather than they by mine?

And I really honestly don't grok why anybody should give a fuck whether I marry Christopher or Christine. Why is it their business? Why do people feel sooo unbelievably threatened by this?
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