Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Ridiculous food facts

Specialty's has a new (to me, at least) feature that lets you edit your salad or sandwich online to add or remove items. It's kind of cute. Today as I was removing the avocado from my salad order, I noticed that the screen told you the total calories in the product. My salad was about 820 calories before I removed the avocado, and about 750 without the gooey green thing.

I was curious, so I removed the salad dressing. The calorie count dropped to 250. Wow. The salad I ordered was 250 calories of food and 500 calories of goo to make it taste good. I only used about half the dressing, but it was a damned fine salad.

Now, if only they'd tell me how many calories are in one of their chocolate chip cookies...
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