Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Does anyone know how long caffeine hangs around in the bloodstream? I've been having trouble getting to sleep lately. I've also recently taking to doing a late-afternoon (say 4 p.m.) coffee run with a couple of coworkers. Given that there's an 8-10 hour gap between the two things it seems unlikely to me that they're related, but I could be wrong.

I noticed today that my purse is on its last legs. This makes me grumpy, because I do not like shopping for purses, or changing my purse. I'm incredibly picky about pockets and zippers and organizers and the like, and once I get settled into a routine I don't want to change it. I spent half an hour communing with Ebags tonight, in hopes that something perfect might turn up, but no such luck. The only thing I found that was approximately right was around $150.

I wish someone would invent self-washing and self-folding/hanging laundry.
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