Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Good things

I love coming home from work and finding a box sitting in front of my door. Even when it's something that I ordered myself (as it almost always is), it's like Santa Claus paid a visit.

A couple of weeks ago, I bemoaned the fact that my beloved purse was falling apart. Some women change purses several times a week, but not me-- I'm neurotic about them, and I want precisely the right number, shape, and size of pockets, pouches, zippers, flaps, and organizer doodads. It must be black leather, and it must be a shoulder bag. I feared I was going to spend hours running from department store to department store looking for just the right thing.

Instead, I spent about an hour on Ebags, and I found something that I thought might do. If you go there and click Handbags, Organizer, Leather, and then sort by price high-low, the one I bought is pretty damned close to the top of the page. I don't care-- it's wonderful! I swear the thing has even more pockets and organizer bits than I can find a use for, though I imagine I'll get there quickly enough.

Traffic sucked when I left the office today, so I made a detour to Whole PaycheckFoods. To my great delight, I discovered that they had burrata. Yummy! Dinner shall be tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, and delightful cheese.

Update: It's not the best burrata ever, but it's still tres tasty!
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