Patti (whipartist) wrote,

This weekend in tournaments

Friday night was the shootout at Lucky Chances. Two people from each table advance, and I finished third at mine... dammit.

Yesterday was the $330 limit holdem... I finished 13th out of 171 for a gross of $510.

Today was the $550 nolimit holdem. I finished 10th out of 162 for a gross of $1550. Went out on a bad beat, too, or I would have finished significantly closer to the $28K first prize.

There were two interesting hands from today's tournament. If you aren't a poker player, you probably won't make much sense of these.

A few rounds into the tournament blinds are 100-200, and I'm just barely above the 3K starting stack.

Four or so people limp in front of me, and I'm one off the button. I go "eenie, meenie, miney, mo" with my chips and cards, then look at the cards. "Or maybe not", as I call the 200 with 97h. Both blinds join the party.

The flop comes 8h 7d 5h. One of the limpers bets 1K, and it's folded to me. I say, "I have only one play", and move in for 3200. The small blind thinks for a very long time-- he really wants to call, but can't make himself do it, and eventually folds. The original bettor calls and turns over A6h. Oops! It's both better and worse than I expected, but nothing good happens for him and I pick up a lot of chips.

The SB claims that he folded a set of sevens-- I found that just stunning. According to David the floorman, though, he'd actually shown 85 two pair. I'm still quite surprised that he folded, though. As it turns out, the 8 on the turn would have sent me to the rail.

Twenty players get paid, and there are 22 left. Walter Batara is UTG, and raises my big blind-- he's committed maybe half his stack, and I have him covered by a few thousand. Blinds are 1K/1500 with 300 or 400 antes (can't remember), and he has maybe 8K left after the raise. It's folded to me.

It's folded to me, and I've already realized that Walter is quite likely to be stealing, and more importantly will be quite reluctant to bust out on the bubble. I look at one card, see the ace of diamonds, and instantly move all-in.

Walter thinks and thinks (and a player busts at another table while he's counting and recounting his chips), then eventually folds JJ face-up saying "I know you have two kings." I say, "you're right", and turn up my cards-- Ad 8c. He's pissed, but a second players has just busted, so we're now in the money.

I loved loved loved that play.

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