Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Fish are jumpin'

The $105+9 SNGs on Stars are often infested with pros, with the occasonal donor to keep things afloat. Not today. Here are the sharkscope ROIs for my table:

(disabled... he's a pro)
-62% (but a small sample)

Even the $210+15 that I'm in has six seats that are net losers. Sweet! It's been like this all weekend too-- the normally shark-infested waters have been full of guppies.

For the non poker players:

A SNG is a sit & go tournament, specifically a one-table nine-player tournament. $105+9 is the buyin-- it means that you pay $114, and of that $105 goes into the prize pool. The other $9 is the fee that the poker room charges. Sharkscope is a website that keeps records of the SNGs that are played online, and will let you look up anyone's stats for a small fee (and the first five per day are free.) ROI is return on investment. Someone with a -15% ROI will lose $17 on average for every tournament he plays.
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