Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Dinner break

I have 25k in chips. I estimate 200 players left, which puts me around twice par. 99 make the money.

On the hand before the break, 300-600 blinds and 75 ante, I'm the big blind. Someone in the field min-raises and I auto-defend with 75d. The flop comes 9s 8s 6h. I check, as I ponder how to get her stack in. She makes it easy and moves all-in, and I instacall of course. K9c is in bad shape and stays that way and she leaves the table talking to herself... no doubt wondering how I called preflop.

I've had no tough decisions so far, and knock wood not lost any nontrivial confrontations. I was all-in once on a weird hand. Big stack min-raises to 800 from early position, I make it 2k with red queeens, she calls. Flop kt9 and she checks. I move in for about 4k and after a long think she calls and turns over 78o. She misses her gutshot and I double up.

We play 'til 2am. I hope I do.
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