Patti (whipartist) wrote,

The new camera

IMG_0162 I'm loving the new camera... really loving it. It feels good in my hands, and it's much nicer to work with than the old one. Better yet, I can actually see through the viewfinder well enough to manual focus on really tight closeups like this one. And closer.

Noise Ninja is bored-- it's finding significantly less stuff to clean up since the 5Ds sensor is less noisy in general.

Even the shutter noise on this camera is more satisfying. It's a very deep, solid sound, and it makes you feel like something Very Important just happened.

IMG_0227 This image is really just photographic masturbation. It's an extremely tight closeup of a small section of one of the petals on the orchid.

IMG_0151 This one is coming to get you. DUCK!
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