Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Photography and photoshop

I spent yesterday evening at a rope bondage photo shoot. A friend of mine does a rope bondage nightclub-style show from time to time, and he does dress rehearsals as photographer previews-- a handful of photographers come in and shoot away while he runs through the show. It's fun (though expensive) as a photographer, and it essentially lets him do dress rehearsal as a paid gig. Win-win.

The lighting was abysmal, but the 5D and a monstrously image-stabilized lens let me make lemonade out of the situation without resorting to flash. That's a good thing, because I don't really like the look of flash with this particular style of photo, and even if I did I'd left the flash at home. I had some experience doing this from the previous shot, and luckily I like these sorts of photos dark and shadowy-- I think it adds to the mood.

This entirely NSFW picture is my favorite from the shoot so far, though I'm nowhere near done sorthing through the 600+ shots I took last night. That's eight gigabytes of raw photos... yeow! If you're on my friends list on Flickr you can see more of them-- they'll probably look like TV static until you click on one and then tell Flickr you're cool with pictures of nekkid gurlz being tied up.

Photoshop and I are starting to get along moderately well these days; while I'm certainly no expert, I'm starting to find myself going straight to the tool I want for a particular task and getting it right the first time. It's progress. I actually shot quite a few photos with the specific intention of correcting bits of them in post-processing.

Last night after the show a few of us were flipping through the camera's LCD and comparing shots, and someone said to me, "But you're a real photographer." I protested. For as much time as I spend with a camera in my hand, I don't think of myself as a photographer. I take pictures, and occasionally they don't completely suck. 99% do suck, often deeply and profoundly. I'm comfortable (and often happier) letting the camera know who's boss by turning off all of the automatic stuff and operating in fully manual mode.

And yet, I don't really think of myself as a photographer. To me, that word implies a degree of competency and artistry that I don't think I have. If you sent me out on a particualr photo shoot, I'd probably fail miserably. I'm not competent, and I'm far from predictable. However, when I look at pictures like the one above and this one, I let myself believe that I might get there someday.

n.b. I'm not fishing for compliments here. Really. I'm just musing about where my head is right now.

Oh! While I was typing this, Mike sent out another ad for Rope::Burn. He used my photos! Link is NSFW, just like the others.
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