Patti (whipartist) wrote,


I'm home from BARGE.

I'm exhausted. "I'll sleep when I'm dead" feels like it's about 20 minutes away-- I think I was up 'til 5 a.m. on three consecutive days, then up again at 10 for tournaments.

I don't ever want to live in a place where I'd want air conditioning. I was always too hot when I was outside and too cold when I was inside. Plus, the transitions from one to the other were miserable. Bleah. Ick.

The fortune cookies I made were moderately successful, though I had way too many of them.

I ran into six different BARGErs in the airport on the way home. A Chinese poker game broke out in terminal D, natch.

I did not play one single ring game hand of poker the entire trip. Other than the lowball, I hosed out of all the tournaments.

I love Binions, and I love BARGE. I'm happy.
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