Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Getting peoples' attention

I live in a converted loft building that has 40 units. A few of them are pure commercial, but most are live-work residential units. The building has a private mailing list, and most but not all of the residents subscribe to the list.

Most people who have been around electronic communication for a while are familiar with the "silent nod" phenomenon-- if you post something factually correct, useful, or in other ways non-offensive, you get very little response. People generally respond to controversial things much more than non-controversial ones.

Yesterday I posted this to the building's mailing list:
To: everyone@*
From: "Patti Beadles"
Subject: [Everyone] Stopping grocery circulars

I hate the grocery circulars that show up in my mailbox. Judging by the number of them that wind up in the mailroom trash can every week, it looks like I'm not the only one. Today I decided to grab one and see what I could do about it.

It looks like it's easy to opt out. Go here:

and follow the directions, and that should stop the Shopwise circular from showing up.


I've had twelve different people personally write to me (or to the list) to thank me for that information, and to say that they too had removed their names from the mailing list. That's probably one third of the population of the list who not only read the message, but also took action and then went through the extra effort to thank me for it. Wow. I guess people don't like postal spam either, eh?
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