Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Hey Fuckwit Biker

To the fuckwit on the dual sport on the bay bridge this morning:

Your time must be exceedingly valuable. While the small amount of traffic that was present on the bay bridge this morning was moving at 60-70 MPH, you still found it necessary to lanesplit and to weave between cars quite rapidly.

I was most impressed with the maneuver just after we came out of the tunnel, the one where you cut from the far right lane to the far left in one fell swoop. That was a most dramatic lean angle, and it was certainly the greatest that I have ever seen on a straight stretch of highway. Next time perhaps you can use your super squid powers to get a knee down?

While the technique was impressive, that little stunt brought you to within a foot or so of my front bumper. I saw you coming toward me and slowed down a hair, which may have saved you from disaster. Had I chosen that moment to accelerate, we almost certainly would have left a long chain of people behind us cursing the traffic jam. And I would have felt like shit for taking out a fellow biker, even though it wouldn't have been my fault.

You are definitely the master of lane selection-- I'm sure your expert choices saved you a full thirty seconds as you crossed the bridge.

Now quit being an asshole, ride like an adult, and watch the fuck where you're going.

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